Refund policy

Cancellations, Returns, and Exchanges Returns and exchanges of orders from within Japan (1) Returns for the customer's convenience must be made within 7 days. In this case, shipping costs will be borne by the customer. (However, we will not accept returns if any of the following items apply. (2) Please be sure to contact us by e-mail or phone when you return the item. (3) If there is an accident such as damage during shipping, please contact us immediately. We will send you a new item as soon as possible at our expense. Please note that the shipping company may contact you directly. (However, we may not be able to exchange the item if it is not in stock.) If you have any questions about the contents of your order, returns, exchanges, cancellations, changes, etc., please contact us at [name] [order date] [email address]. If you cannot confirm the above, please contact us. Please note that we will not be able to fulfill your request if the above information cannot be confirmed. Returns and exchanges for orders from outside Japan We are unable to accept any returns (refunds) for orders from overseas. We will only accept exchanges if the size does not fit. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving the product and check the email we will send you before proceeding. Please be sure to follow the instructions sent by us to return the product. All costs incurred when returning an item using a different method than the one we have provided will be deducted from your bill or refund. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs (return), including customs duties, etc., for returns and exchanges. If you cancel or refuse to receive your order due to unexpected delivery costs, you will not be reimbursed for any costs other than the product Note (for both domestic and international orders) We cannot accept returns, refunds, or exchanges in the following cases Products that have been delivered for more than 8 days. Products that have been used by the customer. In the event that the tags, box, instruction manual, or other accessories of the product have been damaged, lost, or destroyed. If you do not notify us of your return. In addition, if more than 8 days have passed since delivery, we will not be able to accept returns or exchanges.