Shipping policy

[About shipping cost]
For all orders placed on this website (the "Store"), all shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

[About Shipping Methods]
We only accept international shipping.
If you would like to have your order shipped within Japan, please visit the Jeans Center SAKAI Official Web Shop (
The delivery method is EMS only and cannot be selected by the customer.
We are unable to accept delivery date and time specifications.
After you place your order, you will automatically receive an "Order Confirmation Email". However, the total amount of payment shown in this email will be different for international orders.
Please note that although the shipping cost is not displayed when you place your order, the customer will actually be responsible for the shipping cost based on weight and region.
Please note that you will be charged the shipping fee according to the weight and area.
We will send you a "confirmation email" with the total amount of payment including shipping charges, so please make the payment again here.
Please note that the authorization for the order before the total amount of payment is changed will be canceled.
Please note that the shipping fee for overseas delivery varies depending on the country or region.
The product will be shipped after the payment is confirmed.
The delivery time will vary depending on the region.
Also, it may take longer depending on the customs clearance.

[About delivery time]
After you place an order, we will ship your order within 3 days, but the number of days until delivery depends on the destination country.
Please be aware that delays in delivery may occur due to natural disasters, international situations, or other unforeseen circumstances.
We use a delivery method with a tracking number for all packages.
Please check the status of your package at the following URL (Japan post).

[Regarding damage during shipping]
When packing, we will make sure that the contents (products) will not be damaged before shipping.
However, after the package is handed over to the shipping company, the outer box or bag may be dented, scratched, or wet due to the shipping company's responsibility during transportation.
Please forgive any damage that does not interfere with the use of the product.